Simply the right direction

This seems an obvious motto for a transport company, but there is a lot more meaning to it for us. We believe that the right direction is not just about the service we provide for you and the money we earn from doing so...

Our people

...It is about the people who make up our team and give 100% every day - for you, our client, for their families, and for their employer OTT. It is about us contributing to their development and doing everything in our power to make sure they enjoy coming to work and can go home safely after their work is done.

The environment

...It is about the environment and our surroundings. We are aware that we cannot make the transport sector sustainable all by ourselves. But we can do everything in our power to contribute to steps in ‘the right direction’.

Our fellow humans and society

...And of course, it is also about our fellow human beings and society. Sometimes people need a helping hand, a little push in ‘the right direction’. As a company, we are very aware that the resources we have available could play an important role, and we are keen to take the responsibility that is required.

The history of OTT

These core values have determined OTT’s path since its establishment. Jan den Ouden started out all by himself in 1991, in a truck, but was soon unable to keep up with the great demand. The number of clients grew and grew, and with it the number of trucks, trailers and employees.

In 1997, his son Arie den Ouden joined the company. He now manages the workshop. Son Jan Peter joined in 1999 and is responsible for operational management nowadays. Finally, son Gerard also joined the company in 2007. He now manages the Storage & Blending segment.

Because both the founder of the company and his three sons are active throughout the business, the core values are almost naturally woven into the fabric of OTT.