Where we started, but didn’t limit ourselves to

OTT started in 1991 by taking your liquid cargo from A to B and this is still our main activity. But we can imagine that your demands and requirements have changed and grown since then and now include more than just transport.

This is exactly why we specialised in the various services surrounding transport, so that we can now help you with all that is involved in making sure your cargo gets to its destination safely.

Safety first

Your cargo can only be transported from A to B if our drivers have a safe working environment. This starts with investment in knowledge through good training. But it doesn’t stop there. Our equipment is always in the best condition and all safety precautions are present, so that our drivers can use these features correctly.

In-house training, foundation for the best service.

We know we can only build a long-term relationship with you if we prove our service is the best - every time. It goes without saying that this starts with our employees in the workplace. The mentor driver supervises our new drivers so that they can learn the technical aspect of the job, but also learn what it is to be a genuine OTT driver.

The right direction towards green

Our long-term investment in and commitment to a relationship is not just the relationship with you, but also our relationship with the environment. We are aware our sector has a great impact on the environment. We do everything we can to limit this impact as much as possible, to ensure we can offer you our services for a very long time to come. One great example is the initiative for the use of ‘Neste MY Renewable Diesel’. This has resulted in our transports being 90% CO2 neutral.